A Must-Experience Crocodile River Adventure in Costa Rica!

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From Arenol volcano on our way to Los Suenos we will stop at the Tarcoles River for an opportunity to see some of the largest wild crocdiles in Costa Rica. some of them over 17ft in length.

Tarcoles Crocodile River Tour takes place on the Tarcoles River in Central Pacific Costa Rica. Get up-close with American crocodiles of all sizes, and observe an abundance of beautiful exotic birds! Enjoy spectacular rainforest scenery and cruise through dense mangrove forest canals. Spot jungle wildlife such as iguanas, lizards, and monkeys, and experience our one-of-a-kind crocodile feeding show!

Jose’s Crocodile River Tour is the best way to get up-close with
Costa Rica wildlife and beauty!

  • CROCODILES – See all sizes, from babies up to 17 feet long!
  • EXOTIC BIRDS – Observe up to 50 different kinds in one tour!
  • MANGROVE FOREST – Cruise through a mangrove canal system!
  • IGUANAS & LIZARDS – Spot iguanas & lizards that run on water!
  • RAINFOREST SCENERY – Enjoy views of the tropical rainforest!
  • JUNGLE WILDLIFE – Spot raccoons, anteaters, or monkeys!
  • FEEDING SHOW – Up-close for great photo opportunities!

Watch a Video Here—->    Tarcoles River Crocodile Tour Costa Rica

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