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Linda asks…

Is it better to leisure travel in Thailand than Malasia? Hong Kong than Singapore?

How much will it cost me in average? I’m not looking for an expensive travel or any luxury. I just want to travel and discover. Decency is enough.
I have 1000 USD.

Players Club Tours answers:

Welcome to Hong Kong, the Pearl of the Orient! Its stunning Victoria Harbour and The Peak have just been rated as Asia’s No.1 skyline by a Japanese TV Station. A recent CNN poll also confirmed that HK is a must-visit. HK is interesting in that it has many luxurious 5 stars dining/shopping side by side with many affordable places. Living in hostels only cost around US$16-30/nite depending on time of year and any private bathroom. 3 meals + bus fares could be as low as US$13/day. You could also check Cathay Pacific’s CX Holidays for their airfare+hotel packages. Of the places mentioned HK is elected the freest place yet it’s not chaotic.

HK has rich culture and history with a perfect blend of the west and the east. Walk up the Escalator which begins from Central District and goes all the way up to the mid Levels. Along the Escalator you’ll come across the early English settlement near Aberdeen Street, you’ll also pass by Soho, South of Hollywood Rd which is a very unique bar and restaurant street. Hollywood Rd is the famous antique street where genuine Chinese antiques are sold.

If you like green, sea and nature, and are not in a rush in going to places visiting one of the outlying islands ie the Silvermine Bay of Lantau Island is quite relax and gives a completely different impression of Hong Kong than the one often see in pictures. Simply catch a ferry from the Central Pier right outside IFC Building. The ferry trip takes about 30 minutes, a very relaxed ride in the midst of a hustling bustling city.

Another beautiful scenic area is Sai Kung District, there’s a Seafood Street where you can handpick life seafood, have the restaurant cook them any way you like and enjoy it in front of the sea. There’re many beautiful mountain trails in Hong Kong, there’s one that goes all the way down to Aberdeen from the Peak. It’ll take more than an hour to walk down. In Aberdeen District (you could also take a bus in Central, Causeway Bay or Wanchai Districts to get there), the boat restaurant “JUMBO” lying out in the sea is quite amusing.

HK is renowned as the world’s shopping and dining paradise. You can eat like a billionaires, in the same token there’re many affordable places with unbelievable prices. HK has the cheapest McDonald’s prices on earth. A Cantonese wonton noodle soup is only around HK$15. A popular Chinese fast food chain all over the city, the De Coral Fast Food, with set meals under HK$30.

Buying brand names is popular in HK since there’s zero sales tax nor import tariffs, brand names are often 10% – 50% cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Street vendors or flea markets is another interesting shopping paradise, they have all sorts of products selling at knockoff prices, eg the Ladies Street, the night Temple Street, Stanley Market etc. Small street shops in Mongkok and Causeway Bay Districts may give you surprises too. There’re also many street vendors located in small side streets of Central District, Wan Chai District, and Causeway Bay District that sell factory exports “left-overs”. Most prices in HK are fixed, you may be able to bargain a few $ though in small shops and street vendors. You will hardly find any fakes or copies in HK as the law enforcement is rather strict.

Everywhere in Hong Kong is well connected by its efficient and timely public transportation system, the MTR, big and mini buses. Cost is from under US$1 – $2 per ride. It’s easiest to travel by MTR which runs pass all the central shopping and business districts, then either connect to a bus or walk to your destination. Separate fares are charged for each ride. Star Ferry that crosses the Victoria Harbour, and the Island Tram that runs from the East (Shaukeiwan District) to the West (Kennedy Town) of the HK Island are only HK$2 per ride which is a must for tourists. If you like exploring on your own, simply follow the map, people on the streets always happy to offer directions. HK is one of the most foreigner-friendly cities on earth, plus lots of fun and excitement, visitors often find the place vibrant, exciting that never sleeps, even when you get bored at 3 AM, you could go and have a drink in the bar or even have a delicious late snack. Convenience Stores are located in almost every corner of the main streets and are opened around the clock. The best of all, HK is extremely easy to get around being supported by affordable and well connected public transportation. Hongkongers are very responsive, efficient and persistent in their work that make shopping, dining or doing business a very wonderful experience. You’ll also notice that the people will automatically stand by the side when walking up and down the stairs and escalators not blocking those behind. Check www.discoverhongkong.com and enjoy!


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