Costa Rica Bachelor Party Tour Guide

Your time in Costa Rica is precious; get the most out of your stay by treating yourself to one of the many exciting tours. The only multi-tasking you’ll ever need to do while vacationing is listening to music while drinking beer on the Booze Cruise. They offer a full day or half day booze cruise.

It’s full of the 3 B’s: boating, boozing, and beaches. Enjoy the awesome DJ and the premium open bar on the booze cruise. Guzzle the island drinks, and get buzzed on the tropical paradise of Costa Rica.

After the booze cruise head off to some of the awesome world famous Costa Rica Tours like beautiful Tortuga Island. Tortuga Island is perfect to do some snorkeling and have a calm afternoon lunch. Or bring out your competitive side with some watersports, and then refill your tank with a gourmet lunch and beachside drinks.

Check out the Crocodile Tours to see the crocodiles like you never have before. For the nature lovers you can’t miss Manuel Antonio Park where you can see monkeys and beautiful birds.

Surfing lessons are a must for the athletes. The instructors were born on a surfboard so you’ll leave feeling like a pro.

The most popular tour is the ATV Jungle tour through the mountains on a 4-wheeler. These are by far the most fun too. We highly recommend this before you leave if you don’t mind getting a little mud on the tires.

Feeling adventurous? We dare you to try the Zip Line Canopy tour, fly safely through the jungle. The canopy tours are an experience like no other.

White Water raft through the back country in Costa Rica’s most famous rafting rivers. The rapids are classified either as a class 3 or 4 depending on the time of the year.

Settle in your mansion after a long day and get a massage from a professional masseuse. If you’re looking to reduce stress this is the best way to end a day in the Costa Rican sun.

ATV Tours

Get fast and furious on an ATV flying through the Costa Rican rainforest. Feed the adrenaline seeker inside of you as you ride through exhilarating spectacular trails in the Costa Rican jungle.

  • Travel fast through the rough, tough, unpaved trails deep in the rain forest
  • Check out the birds and monkeys
  • Immerse in the the dense forest mud
  • Drive down to the world famous surfers beach Playa Hermosa to catch some waves or some rays

White Water Rafting

Get your buddies together and form a forever bond by travelling through the white water of Costa Rica’s waters. Pick your choice of one of three rafting rivers, Naranjo, Savegre and the Pacuare. This is a must before you leave Costa Rica. The best white water rafting in Central America. You cant miss this.

  • Raft through Level 3 or 4 rapids, depending on the time of year, water, and your preference
  • Gain some man points for man handling tough mother nature on one of the top ten river destinations in the world
  • Take in the breathtaking waterfalls and canyons deep in the mountains
  • Become an experienced rafter after you raft through Bachelor Party Bay!

Zip line canopy tour

Fly through the Costa Rican mountainside secure in our zip line. Join the monkeys and birds as you travel through the airspace of the rain forest.

  • Come face to face with monkeys, birds, iguanas, and mother nature as you zip through the forest>
  • Professionals on duty, ensuring every part of the zip line is safe and secure
  • 5 minutes outside of Jaco, but feels like a whole other world
  • Feels like your flying through the blue sky with the jungle floor beneath you

Private Party Boat (Booze Cruise)

All aboard. Take out a private cruise boat to have some fun in the sun. Sail across the ocean with your friends, a DJ, open bar and lunch Costa Rican style. Relax on the deck or catch some sun, (No farmers tans here) It doesn’t get any better than this.

  • Includes DJ, food, and open premium bar
  • Private and exclusive, what happens aboard, stays aboard
  • Watch for dolphins and whales, take a swim in the crystal clear waters
  • Anchor the boat and bring your kayak
  • Become a Costa Rican by catching some Caribbean sun out in the water
  • Enjoy the fresh ocean air on an empty sea highway made for you and your amigos

Manuel Antonio

Views out of a post card. Exotic and breathtaking once in a lifetime scenery. Check out one of the most beautiful National Parks in the world. Home to many different species of animals and some birds unique to Costa Rica only.

  • Take a tour through the park with one of our expert tour guides
  • Get to know 109 species of mammals, and 180 species of birds
  • Travel through the park and experience the different ecosystems of the Costa Rican rainforest
  • Get lazy on the two white, soft sandy beaches Manuel Antonio offers its guests
  • Swim in the warm Pacific waters on this amazing peninsula

Tortuga Island

Feel like Captain Jack Sparrow of Pirates of the Caribbean in Tortuga Island. Tortuga island is surrounded by emerald waters, clean, untouched white beaches. It is truly a living fantasy.

  • Hop in the water with our expert snorkeling team and make some new friends with the fish
  • Beach Volleyball never gets old, show off your old high school skills and get down and sandy;)
  • Go for a hike in the forest side, or a walk on the beach
  • Feed your senses by enjoy the cuisine of Costa Rica, don’t forget to sample the alcoholic beverages of the island either
  • Uninhabited, secluded, private island just for you and your VIPs

Crocodile Adventure

Feeling a little crazy? Take a trip to Central Costa Rica to the Tarcoles River where you will observe American Crocodiles, terrestrial birds, and other reptiles and amphibians. Don’t worry my friends, the boat is extremely safe and the guides are extremely well trained. Feel like your in a zoo but this time no cages!

  • Up close and personal with beautiful crocodiles
  • Enjoy amazing views of the Gulf of the Pacific and the Rio Grande of Tarcoles
  • Guess the different species in the water
  • One of the most popular spots in Costa Rica

Monte Verde

Literally out of dream, the mythical Cloud Forest is sitting high in the rain forest accessible by suspended bridges and the famous sky walk. Words do not describe what they call the last remaining terrestrial frontier. You cannot leave Costa Rica without seeing Monte Verde, it truly is a glimpse into another world.

  • Explore the canopy layer of the rainforest safely through a layout of suspended bridges, and walkways
  • Breathtaking views of the lower levels of the rainforest and its plant life
  • Get in touch with nature, fill your ears with the magical sounds of the birds and feel the mist from the rain forest humidity
  • 4 1/2 Hours North of Jaco, a trip worth taking


Costa Rican Cuisine

Costa Rican cuisine is simple but heavy on oil and some species. Comida tipica or native dishes, rely heavily on rice and beans, the basis of many Costa Rican meals. Home-style cooking predominates. But meals are generally wholesome and reasonably priced. Gallo Pinto, the national dish of fried rice and black beans is particularly served as a breakfast. Notable is the famed Rice n’ Beans of the Caribbean, a Gallo Pinto made in coconut milk, worth trying. Many meals are derivatives, including arroz con pollo or arroz con atun. At lunch Gallo Pinto becomes Casado : rice and beans supplemented with cabbage and tomato salad, fried platains, and meat. Vegetables do not form a large part of the diet. Costa Rica home cuisine has an inordinately ammount of fried foods so keep that in mind when you receive and invitation for dinner.

Food staples include beef, chicken, fish and despite of the 1.000+ kilometers of coastline, seafood like shrimp or lobster, is expensive because Costa Rica exports most of its seafood. Travelers with low budget should stick with the casado on lunch time menus, or ‘plato del dia’ which is a close cousin of the casado with a common denominator of low price and varied ingredients.

Eating in Costa Rica doesn’t present the health problems that plague the unwary traveler elsewhere in Central America, but you need to be aware that some of the pesticides used in Costa Rica are forbidden elsewhere. Something I should say is that you may eat where the locals eat, usually that means tasty and trustworthy food. Beware of black beans and chicharrones, which might prove to be too much for some foreign stomachs.

Costa Rica has no national drink, but very popular in the cultural tradition of drinks are Horchata, a cinnamon flavored cornmeal drink, Chan, a slimy drink made of seeds, Linaza, which is popularly used to cure indigestion, and Fresco de Frutas, which is basically a fruit salad floating on a base of kola and water, delicious!! And, of course, guaro, the campesino’s nearly-tasteless yet potent alcoholic drink of choice. And coffee of course, Costa Rica’s grain of gold. Most of the best coffee is exported, so don’t expect the best coffee everywhere you go. Coffee is traditionally served very strong and mixed with hot milk.

Many bars in Costa Rica have the now disappearing habit of serving bocas with each drink , bocas are different types of food in small amounts, usually ceviche or chicken wings or bean soup, to have a better time with your drinks. Some bars provide them free but others may apply a small charge. Turtle eggs which may have been taken in a special legal season are a very popular dish in many bars for its special taste, but are best avoided  because of the possibility of having been poached illegally.

Imported drinks may be expensive so you might be better of trying with the local Costa Rican drinks. The beer is a very popular drink and the ones of most sale are Bavaria and Imperial. Even the poorest campesino can afford the native red-eye, guaro, a harsh , clear spirit distilled from fermented sugarcane. In rural areas you might find Vino de Coyol, which is a wine distilled from liquid that is collected on holes on the trunk of a very spiny palm, drink with caution, intoxication goes away, but many say if you go out in the sun with a Coyol hangover, you might find yourself drunk again.

Avoid the local wines, all of which are made from fruits other than grapes, such as blackberries and ‘nance’. The most memorable thing of them is the hangover. Imported wines are expensive with exemption of the ones from Chile or Argentina which are of great quality. We personally like the Cousino Macul, imported from Portugal.


One of the most visited tourist destinations of all Costa Rica National Park and Reserve System.

The Manuel Antonio National Park is a small biological peninsula found within an area devoted to different productive activities, such as agriculture, cattle and high tourism development. It is one of the country’s most scenic and beautiful national parks. The mean annual temperature is 27°C, with a minimum temperature of 20°C.

Our park habitat consist of primary and secondary forest, the most characteristic species of flora in the primary forest are guácimo colorado (luehea seemannii), pilón (hieromyna alchomeoides), cedro maría (calophyllum longifolium), guapinol blanco (hymeneae courbaril), surá (terminalia oblonga), guapinol negro or stinkingtoe (cynometra hemitomophyla), lechoso (cow tree/brosimum utile), cenízaro (pithecelobium saman)and ceiba (silk cotton tree).

Of its most important fauna we find the raccoon, coatamundi, agouti, two-toed sloth, the white-faced and squirrel monkey.

You can also enjoy the beauty of beaches like Espadilla Sur, Puerto Escondido and Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio offer the uniquely breathtaking fusion of scenic mountain beauty and an active lifestyle. From championship surf tournaments, hiking, rafting/kayaking, canopying, bird watching or sport fishing, Quepos and Manuel Antonio offers something for everyone.