One of the most visited tourist destinations of all Costa Rica National Park and Reserve System.

The Manuel Antonio National Park is a small biological peninsula found within an area devoted to different productive activities, such as agriculture, cattle and high tourism development. It is one of the country’s most scenic and beautiful national parks. The mean annual temperature is 27°C, with a minimum temperature of 20°C.

Our park habitat consist of primary and secondary forest, the most characteristic species of flora in the primary forest are guácimo colorado (luehea seemannii), pilón (hieromyna alchomeoides), cedro maría (calophyllum longifolium), guapinol blanco (hymeneae courbaril), surá (terminalia oblonga), guapinol negro or stinkingtoe (cynometra hemitomophyla), lechoso (cow tree/brosimum utile), cenízaro (pithecelobium saman)and ceiba (silk cotton tree).

Of its most important fauna we find the raccoon, coatamundi, agouti, two-toed sloth, the white-faced and squirrel monkey.

You can also enjoy the beauty of beaches like Espadilla Sur, Puerto Escondido and Manuel Antonio.

Manuel Antonio offer the uniquely breathtaking fusion of scenic mountain beauty and an active lifestyle. From championship surf tournaments, hiking, rafting/kayaking, canopying, bird watching or sport fishing, Quepos and Manuel Antonio offers something for everyone.


Beach Vacations In January Cheap

Nancy asks…

Vacation in Florida in January?

We just want to get out on a vacation before school starts on January 16th. We are from DC, and we wonder what is the cheapest campground in Florida and good beach ever. Our budget plan is $200 and we are trying to make $200 enough for our vacation.

Players Club Tours answers:

Florida Gulf Vacation lists Florida Beach Rentals, Resort Rentals, Gulf Coast Rentals plus vacation rentals in and around Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida by owner or manager. Whether you are interested in renting on the Florida Panhandle or Central Gulf Coast, From the Florida Keys, Florida Vacations in Panama City Beach rentals, St George Island rentals, Indian Shores Rentals as well as Fort Myers Beach Rentals and a fine selection of Discount Florida Vacation on the east cost including Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Daytona, Florida Gulf Vacation has them all. Finding affordable Florida Rentals using our quick search is fast and convenient.

Best Beach Vacations In August

Steven asks…

best party/beach vacation spot?

what is be the best party and summer vacation spot in Mexico? im looking for beauiful beaches and more vacationing and beach going than partying .. those party places tend to be shady and completely crowded..
we’re going in august if that helps. thank you

Players Club Tours answers:

Cancun has some beautiful beaches and some awesome hotels. The Palace hotels have all been rebuilt or renovated and they are getting great reviews on


Many visitors also love the Playa del Carmen hotel and beach area.

Lots to do in this area. Snorkeling, visiting the ruins, taking a ferry over to Cozumel, or taking a ferry to Isa Mujeres and renting a golf cart to tour the island. Swim with the dolphins.

It is difficult to suggest an area when I don’t know where you will be traveling from. The west coast, east coast or in the middle.

I don’t think August is the busiest time to travel. FYI, it is hurricane season, be prepared to purchase some travel insurance.

Good Luck. Where ever you decide, I’m sure you will have a great time in Cancun.


Good Beach Vacations In April

Lizzie asks…

What are some good beaches in southern Spain?

I’m a college student trying to find a nice beach in southern Spain for my April vacation. I’m hoping it will be warm enough by the last week of April to hang out at the beach, so I was thinking that southern Spain had the best chances of being warm. Any suggestions on which beaches are the nicest, warmest, and most fun?

Thank you!

Players Club Tours answers:

Costa de la Luz has better beaches compared to the Andalusian Mediterranean beaches but the water will be a lot colder.

If you want fun, go to Costa del Sol. I still find the water there a bit cold compared to Costa Blanca, though.

April may be rainy but it won’t be cold.

Best Beach Vacations In November

Robert asks…

vacationing in cuba in november.. where is the best place to go?

i kind of am looking for places with the best beaches … also if there are any good shopping sites.
i know there is not a lot of shopping but, at least a little bit.
my parents are making me research and pick a place to go… so i need to get started
im sixteen and i need fun things to do . we’re going on the 22nd of november this year, i believe.

Players Club Tours answers:

Varadero is a good place to start. The beaches are white sand, and you can walk for miles. The best area is the northern end of the peninsula. You can visit the town of Varadero at the other end. It is an interesting place to visit. When choosing a resort, don’t look at anything less than a 4 star. The resorts have tour desks that you can arrange excursions. Havana is a must see. There are many others that are lots of fun also.

I have been to Cuba three times, and hope to go back next year. The people are beautiful and so is the country.

There will probably be some negative responses to your question. Just ignore them. They can’t seem to separate travel from politics.

There are lots of resorts to choose from. My favorite is Tryp Peninsula.

Best Beach Vacations In August

Betty asks…

Best vacation beach in Florida? :)?

Going to the beach sometime in August.
Need suggestions of prettiest beaches in FL?
Nothing crowded like Panama or Miami. And something not so expensive? My family was thinking about Orange Beach, Pensacola?
Anyone ever been there? I NEED VACATION SUGGESTIONS :)

Players Club Tours answers:

Caladesi Island State Park is north of Clearwater Beach and an excellent place to visit. It’s been named the number one beach in the U.S. I took a ferry there from Clearwater and the beach is clean and beautiful. No cars are allowed on the island.

Sanibel and Captiva are also great beaches. They are located near Fort Myers. I highly recommend them or Caladesi Island.


Best Beach Vacations In July

Richard asks…

Which Beach is the best for a Vacation on the 4th of July?

I’m from the Maryland, Virginia, D.C. area, and I want to find a beach to go on vacation for the 4th of July. I plan on driving, but don’t want to drive more than 2 – 2 1/2 hours. That leaves me with DE, MD, VA, and NJ beaches, but I don’t know which is the best. I’m younger so I want a place with a night life, but I also don’t want it to be super crowed (like in Ocean City or Virgina Beach). Does anyone know of a perfect spot where it’s private and quite, with great hotel rates and night life so I can still have fun??!!!!


Players Club Tours answers:

Beach stereotypes:
Assateague and Lewes are for campers.
Atlantic City for gamblers.
Bethany Beach is where old people retire to.
Cape May for the well-to-do.
Chesapeake Beach and Colonial Beach are for day trips.
Dewey Beach is the beach for young, single, and hetero.
Ocean City for families.