The World’s Top 10 Largest Casinos

The gambling industry took a big hit and has certainly lost a lot of business because of the recent economic situation affecting almost the entire world. The largest of the casinos have survived the troubling waters, and as the economic crisis curve slowly slopes downwards, the gambling corporations, and their gigantic casinos are now back in business and competing with each other.

This list compiles information about the top 10 largest casinos in the world.

1. The Venetian Macao (Macau, China)

Venetian Macao

Square feet: 546,000
Gaming machines: 3,000
Table and poker games: 870
Restaurants and bars: 24
Hotel rooms: 3,000

The Venetian is a luxury casino resort and is over 546,000 sq. ft. on Macau’s Coastal Strip. Owned by Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands (LVS), this casino has an 870-table gaming floor, 3,000 gaming machines, 3 huge shopping areas, 4 pools, gondola rides, 24 world-class restaurants and bars along with 3,000 hotel rooms. A gamblers haven!

It is well known because it is the flagship casino resort on Macau’s bustling Cotai Strip. Based on its sister property in Las Vegas, the Venetian Macao is – as the name suggests – themed on the romantic streets and canals of Venice and is very family oriented. Naturally some of the romance is lost through the 3000 plus slot machines constantly flashing at you.

2. City of Dreams Casino (Macau, China)

City of Dreams

City of Dreams1

Square feet: 420,000
Gaming machines: 1,350
Table and poker games: 520
Restaurants and bars: 14
Hotel rooms: 1,400

In contrast to their arch rival, the family oriented Venetian, City of Dreams is more romantic and couple oriented. Clearly marketed for singles and young couples, the mega resort is a motley mix of brash furnishings and bold contemporary design, like being on an MTV set. Every part of its property gives you a piece of action, from the bustling boutique driven Boulevard to the frantic lobby of the Hard Rock, from the packed foyer of the Dancing Water theatre to the scrum of humanity awaiting a glimpse of a mermaid at the Vquarium. The casino is truly one of a kind and a must see when in China.

If you are staying at Venetian, peak into City of Dreams because it is located right beside the Venetian Macao and the soon to opened Sands Cotai. The Wynn Cotai is scheduled to be built right behind it as well

Without a doubt the loudest casino in Macau belongs to the City of Dreams, and I’m not talking about the background music. I’m talking about the sensory overload that hits you full force from the frenetic flashing floor. It’s not so much that the place is packed with people, but that it’s packed with lights, lights and more lights and a slew of decoration so abstract I don’t even know what half the stuff is supposed to be.

3. Foxwoods Resorts Casino (Ledyard, Connecticut)

Foxwood Resorts Casino

Square feet: 340,000
Gaming machines: 7,000
Table and poker games: 400
Restaurants and bars: 29
Hotel rooms: 824

Foxwoods Resort Casino is a hotel-casino in Ledyard, Connecticut located on the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Reservation. Together with the MGM Grand at Foxwoods, the resort covers an area of 4,700,000 sq ft (440,000 m2). The casino has more than 380 gaming tables for blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker and has more than 6,300 slot machines. There arevarious restaurants within the casino, among them, is the popular franchise Hard Rock Cafe. Foxwoods has 2,266 hotel rooms and a two-story arcade for children and teens.

4. Casino Porte (Macau, China)

Casino Porte

Square feet: 270,000
Gaming machines: 320
Table and poker games: 150
Restaurants and bars: 3
Hotel rooms: 423

Ponte 16’s architectural design draws inspiration from Macau’s unique East-West cultural pluralism, with a European/Portuguese design infused with traditional Chinese elements. The resort is significant as it is the only hotel to be situated in the inner harbor and is a part of the “The Historic Centre of Macao” – UNESCO World Heritage site.. Check it out!

5. Tusk Rio Casino Resort (Klerksdorp, South Africa)


Square feet: 266,330
Gaming machines: 257
Table and poker games: 12
Restaurants and bars: 2

The Tusk Rio Casino Resort was developed as a model after the exotic Rio Carnival in Brazil and is located in Klerksdorp, South Africa. The Tusk Rio casino offers all the excitement that a first class casino resort provides. The casino offers both smoking and non-smoking floors for gambling with slots available for many denominations. The Tusk Rio Casino offers casino table games as well. Progressive blackjack and poker tables are available as well as as all exclusive salon prive.

The casino staff at the Tusk Rio Casino will help you enjoy your gambling experience. The Tusk Rio Casino is the casino for fun and exciting gaming.


6. MGM Grand Macau (Macau, China)

MGM Grand Macao

A 35-story, 600-room casino resort in Macau – officially opened on 18 December 2007.

Square feet: 221,952
Gaming machines: 835
Table and poker games: 410
Restaurants and bars: 12
Hotel rooms: 593

MGM Macau is a 35-story hotel tower with 600 beautifully appointed rooms, suites and villas, a grand casino and private gaming salons for preferred customers. A convertible convention area with 14,455-square-feet of meeting space, world-class spa, swimming pool facilities and a variety of restaurants catering to international tastes and influences.

Another $2.5 billion Macau casino is planned by MGM China, the Chinese arm of U.S. gambling giant MGM Resorts International and has received government approval in January of 2012, sending shares of MGM China to an 18-month high.


7. Sands Macao (Macau, China)

Sands Macao

Square feet: 229,000
Gaming machines: 750
Table and poker games: 1,000
Restaurants and bars: 7
Hotel rooms: 51

Before Sheldon Adelson opened the grandest Venetian hotel and casino on the Cotai Strip, Las Vegas Sands made its first foray into China’s gambling hub with the Sands Macao. The hotel, located in peninsular Macau, was designed by the Paul Steelman Design Group and opened its doors for the very first time in 2004. Today it is a destination for thousands of tourists, mainly from mainland China and Hong Kong.


8. MGM Grand Las Vegas (Las Vegas, USA)

MGM Grand

MGM Grand a hotel casino located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. It is also the the largest hotel resort complex in the United States, ahead of The Venetian. When it opened in 1993, the MGM Grand was the largest hotel in the world. Now it’s the 8th largest.

Square Feet: 170,000
Gaming machines: 2,300
Table and Poker Games: 20
Hotel Rooms: 5,044


There is no chance taking chance with luxury at MGM Grand, which dominates the northeast corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Tropicana Avenue (the busiest intersection on the Strip. In fact, this iconic resort and casino is in the process of getting a glamorous makeover. All of the rooms have been perfectly redesigned and several of the property’s entertainment, dining and nightlife experiences are being remade.

Today, as in the past, guests can always count on the first rate service and entertainment at the resort. First and foremost, the MGM Grand is an entertainment destination. Its 16,000-seat Grand Garden Arena hosts concerts by the world’s top artists, championship boxing matches, award shows and so much more. Magician David Copperfield is a regular headliner in the more intimate Hollywood Theatre — and he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

MGM Grand is also home to the Cirque du Soleil production This show is a must see and is a major attraction for all tourists who visit. It’s comprised of acrobatic feats and often compared to a martial arts movie — just in theater format.

MGM Grand is a must see and something I recommend to go to when in Las Vegas.


9. Casino Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal)


Square feet: 165,000
Gaming machines: 1,000
Table and poker games: 26
Restaurants and bars: 7
Hotel rooms: 1,000

The casino is situated in Lisbon’s Park Of The Nations and is a major landmark in Portugal’s capital city and the largest casino in Europe. The Lisboa, which opened to the public in 2006, is owned by Estoril-Sol, whose major stakeholder is Hong Kong-based gambling mogul Stanley Ho, who also operates a Lisboa in Macao.

The casino was plagued by controversy since it the idea was conceived in 2001-2002 by Pedro Santana Lopes, the Lisbon Mayor. The casino was conceived as a way to fund the rebuilding of Parque Mayer, Lisbon’s decadent theater district. The fact that it was to be the first casino in the country inside a major urban center (instead of a tourist area) stirred up many critics claiming the casino would create gambling issues, as it would facilitate access of a younger population to games of chance by bringing the games closer to the people.


10. Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa (Atlantic City, USA)
The Borgatta

Square feet: 161,000
Gaming machines: 4,100
Table and poker games: 285
Restaurants and bars: 17
Hotel rooms: 2,002

It is often referred to as the “little village”—as its name means in Italian—but the Borgata is anything but little. The $1.1 billion hotel, casino, and spa is the largest resort in Atlantic City. This 10th largest gambling center first opened in 2003 and is owned by Marina District Development Corp., a subsidiary of Boyd Gaming, which operates casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas and Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

The Borgata was part of a project in Atlantic City called the “The Tunnel Project”, which started around 1999. When Steve Wynn had planned the new Mirage Resort in Atlantic City, he wanted to connect a $330 million 2.5-mile (4.0 km) tunnel from the Atlantic City Expressway to the new resort, later named the Atlantic City-Brigantine Connector, which would funnel incoming traffic off the Atlantic City Expressway into the city’s marina district.

The 161,000 square feet (15,000 m2) casino  has over slot machines and 200 table games. Borgata’s poker program features daily tournaments and high-stake tournaments in partnership with the World Poker Tour.

Luxury Macau – Venetian Resort Hotel

Venetian Macau Resort Hotel – Hong Kong / Macau

Venetian Macau

Today I am going to promote the Venetian Macau Resort Hotel to all of you. I would like to tell you how good the first-class facilities and excellent service of the hotel are. And what activities you can have when you staying in the hotel. Because of the Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel is playing a crucial role in making Macau one of the most exciting entertainment destinations, preeminent convention and exhibition venues in Asia.
We totally understand all of you are busy. As a business man and you need to travel a lot. I think you do not have much time to spend with your family right? That’s why I want to promote The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel and YOUR FAMILY!!! visiting The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel, we have thought of everything to ensure that all of you will experience a new standard of luxury beyond your imagination.


Venetian Macau Hotel

Because the unique resort is also built around charming canals where guests can sit on authentic gondolas to enjoy the scenery or transport themselves around the property,
You can play many different types of activities while staying at The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel. Our main leisure area is on level 5 where we have our multiple swimming pools, why don’t have a swim with your children? Image you and your son swimming in the pool and he shout “hey daddy! Wait me. I want your hug “. So you can have chance to spend time on your kids. We’re certain that you will enjoy all of these resort activities. Not only the excellent services we provide, but also the impressive shopping destination for the guests. I know what you are worried. I know you are thinking “How can I spend my time with my family in the hotel? “The Venetian’s Grand Canal Shoppers provides more than 350 shops set in elegant streets capes reminiscent of Venice.

Venetian Macau Gondola Rides

The Venetian’s Grand Canal Shoppers is special to travelers because it is beautiful and always entertaining. While shopping there, you will notice that you take some elegant walkways that end up leading to a central square filled with performers and other sorts of entertainers. It is almost as if the people are putting on a show for you to enjoy while you shop. I am so sure that you and your family can have enough time to get together in the hotel and have a quality time with them. It doesn’t spend too much time during your trip. Also big array of guest accommodation will be offered, there are about 3,000 suite deluxe rooms for guests in total. non-smoking area and handicap accessible suites had been build for needed people. Featuring over 30 restaurants and bars, dining at The Venetian Macao is, meanwhile, delightful tastes and spectacular presentations by master chefs from around the world. Our guest accommodations exemplify our philosophy of giving guests the best of everything.


What Are you waiting for? Why don’t book a hotel room for your dear kids and wife? It is such a good hotel and chance for you!!! You can take the advantage of both.

Hong Kong Vacations With Kids

Michael asks…

Why do people in Hong Kong wear such thick clothing when they have such mild winters?

I was on a  Hong Kong Vacation last December for a family vacation. It was cooler weather, but definitely not cold. In fact, in the day time, my wife, myself and my two daughters – aged 3 and 6 – did not put on any jackets. My wife and i wore short sleeved shirts, while my kids had long sleeved blouses. We had cold weather clothing in our bags, but the temperature ranged around 23-25 degrees, with some sun. It was warm, way too warm. But what we saw was Hong Kongers wearing fur coats, winter coats and the like, as if they were preparing for a Russian winter.

I was flabbergasted. And my family and I come from a hot Southeast Asian country, so it’s not like we are used to the cold weather.

Will some one please tell me why Hong Kongers wear such thick winter clothing, for a winter that goes no lower than 15 degrees celsius, and mostly average around 18-24 degrees celsius ? thanks

Hong Kong Vacations

Players Club Tours answers:

There are a number of reasons for this and I must have said when I came here 6 years ago, i have asked myself the same question.

1. Hong Kong is all about fashion and especially women will want to show off their clothing. It is really one of the main reasons and you will find that mainly women will start wearing thick clothes even if it aint that cold yet.

2. There is no heating system in most places and even if it is relatively cold outside (10-15 degree) most air conditions will still be running full power. So you have no place to warm up really. Now considering that most people have an office job, sitting all day with an aircon blowing into their faces its easy to really start freezing.

3. I believe air humidity and thus the relative felt temperature is way lower than the actual temperature.

4. Asian people are way more skinny in average than Western people and thus have less natural protection against cold weather.

Also note that the winter does indeed go lower than 15 degrees celsius.

Anyway, thats the reasoning i found after talking to my wife (which is a local) and i believe the reasons are exactly in that order. :)

Chris asks…

Is Taipei, Taiwan worth a visit to have fun and really EXPERIENCE not just see places,buy and eat?

Well,I met a Taiwanese recently who suggested Taiwan as a place to visit for vacation.He said it’s good to shop, dine and have fun with the family.However, when I tried to gather information about famous tourist spots there, almost all were just things for “sight-seeing” and “shopping at night markets/ Taipei 101 etc.”. I will bring my family when I go there that’s why I know that my kids would be bored visiting typical public parks. I assume they also won’t enjoy visiting historical places and musuems.

Are there places or theme parks that are made to attract tourists or none? Zoos/Parks that are A MUST-SEE or none? Theme parks that have shows, cable cars, animal shows, rides? Places similar to Disneyland or Ocean Park Hong Kong or Sentosa Singapore?
P.S. : Theme Parks in TAIPEI or near Taipei only that are really intended to attratct tourists. If there are none, please let me know because I want to avoid going/spending money & time to typical places.Thanks for HONEST answers!
Is the ‘MAOKONG GONDOLA’ open for use by visitors this May 2007 to go to Taipei Zoo? How can I possibly go here?

Hong Kong Vacations

Players Club Tours answers:

Hi, You did not mention the age of your kids.
Maokong Cable System should be open in June, It is still being tested.

You can get to the Zoo by MRT o the Mucha Line.

To really experience a place you have to talk to the locals. And here you will get a very refreshing experience on how people really should be all over the world.

Taiwan has some of the best theme parks in the world:
Top Taiwan Theme Parks:

CC Posted this:
I think the roller coasters you’re asking about are G5 at Janfusun Fancy World in Yunlin and Gravity Max at Yamay Discovery World in Taichung.


Other roller coasters in Taiwan:


Yamay Theme Park open in Taichung- a couple of hours away by train-
Combines Mala World and Discovery Bay-Two Complete Theme Parks

Plenty of Trains or Coaches to Taichung all day

Nearer Taipei:

Mucha Zoo:

Miniatures Musuem of Taiwan (small; can be done in 30~40 min.)

The Taipei Children’s Recreation Center

Discovery Center of Taipei
main number: 02-27574547 fax: 02-27232793

At the Night markets in Taipei and Taichung you dont’ just shop – you shop, eat then shop some more then eat some more.

20 Biggest Casinos In The World

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Starting With Largest To Smallest

1. The Venetian Macao – Macau, China

The Venetian

Square feet: 546,000
Gaming machines: 3,000
Table and poker games: 870
Restaurants and bars: 24
Hotel rooms: 3,000

The Venetian Macau-Resort-Hotel has become one of the biggest landmarks for gamblers throughout Asia. Controlled by Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands (LVS), the Venetian was the first giant casino to open on Macao’s Cotai Strip, an area of reclaimed land offshore from downtown Macao. A stroll around the resort gives you a glance of luxury—and a somewhat weird combination of facilities, attractions, and amenities such as Cirque du Soleil’s Zaia show.

2. City of Dreams Resort~ Macau, China

City Of Dreams

Square feet: 420,000
Gaming machines: 1,350
Table and poker games: 520
Restaurants and bars: 14
Hotel rooms: 1,400

Recently opened City of Dreams is a $2.1 billion gamble by Melco Crown Entertainment’s Lawrence Ho and Australian billionaire James Packer. The resort, located across the street from the Venetian on the Cotai Strip, faces tough odds as Macao gaming revenues have been hit hard by the global economic crisis.

3. Foxwoods Resort Casino~ Ledyard, Conn.

Foxwoods Resort Casino

Square feet: 340,000
Gaming machines: 7,000
Table and poker games: 400
Restaurants and bars: 29
Hotel rooms: 824

America’s biggest casino isn’t on the Las Vegas Strip or Atlantic City Boardwalk. Opened in 1986 in western Connecticut, Foxwoods is a complex of six casinos with 17 different types of table games, including 100 for poker. Managed by the Mashantucket Pequot Indian Tribe, Foxwoods benefits from its location within driving distance of New York and Boston. In addition to its casino, the resort has one of the world’s largest bingo halls.

4. Casino Ponte 16~ Macau, China

Casino Ponte 16

Square feet: 270,000
Gaming machines: 320
Table and poker games: 150
Restaurants and bars: 3
Hotel rooms: 423

The Ponte 16 is a world-class integrated casino and entertainment resort built along the Inner Harbor of Macao, in the older part of the city. Close to some of Macao’s traditional colonial buildings, the resort draws inspiration from the former Portuguese enclave’s unique East-West cultural pluralism.

5. Tusk Rio Casino Resort~ Klerksdrop, South Africia

Tusk Rio Casino

Square feet: 266,330
Gaming machines: 257
Table and poker games: 12
Restaurants and bars: 2
Hotel rooms:

The largest casino in the Southern Hemisphere, the Tusk Rio was inspired by the passion, vibe, and color of the Carnival in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. The casino is located a few hours by car from Johannesburg and is among the most popular casinos in South Africa.

7. Sands Macao~ Macau, China

Sands Macao


Square feet: 229,000
Gaming machines: 750
Table and poker games: 1,000
Restaurants and bars: 7
Hotel rooms: 51

Before Sheldon Adelson opened his giant Venetian hotel and casino on the Cotai Strip, Las Vegas Sands made its first foray into China’s gambling hub with the Sands Macao. The hotel, located in peninsular Macao, was designed by the Paul Steelman Design Group and opened in 2004. Today it is a day-trip destination for thousands of visitors, mainly from mainland China and Hong Kong.

8. MGM Grand Las Vegas

MGM Grand

Square feet: 170,000
Gaming machines: 2,300
Table and poker games: 178
Restaurants and bars: 20
Hotel rooms: 5,044

This luxury hotel first opened in 1993 as a Hollywood themed resort and is one of the largest hotels in the world. Operated by publicly traded MGM Mirage (MGM), this 30-floor, 293-foot-high complex has five outdoor pools, rivers and waterfalls.

9. Casino Lisboa~ Lisbon, Portugal

Casino Lisboa

Square feet: 165,000
Gaming machines: 1,000
Table and poker games: 26
Restaurants and bars: 7
Hotel rooms: 1,000

Located at Lisbon’s Park Of The Nations, Casino Lisboa is a major landmark in Portugal’s capital city and the largest casino in Europe. The Lisboa, which opened to the public in 2006, is owned by Estoril-Sol, whose major stakeholder is Hong Kong-based gambling mogul Stanley Ho, who also operates a Lisboa in Macao.

10. Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa~ Atlanta City

Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa

Square feet: 161,000
Gaming machines: 4,100
Table and poker games: 285
Restaurants and bars: 17
Hotel rooms: 2,002

It may be called “little village”—as its name means in Italian—but the Borgata is anything but small. The $1.1 billion hotel, casino, and spa is the largest resort in Atlantic City. This mammoth gambling center opened in 2003 and is owned by Marina District Development Corp., a subsidiary of Boyd Gaming (BYD), which operates casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas as well as Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, and Mississippi.
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20 Biggest Casinos In The World…Continued….

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11. Bellagio~ Las Vegas

The Bellagio

Square feet: 155,000
Gaming machines: 2,449
Table and poker games: 207
Restaurants and bars: 20
Hotel rooms: 3,933

Located on the Las Vegas Strip and a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, the Bellagio is a luxury hotel and casino owned by MGM Mirage (MGM). Opened in 1995, the Bellagio is inspired by the Lake Como resort of the same name in Italy. In addition to its casino, it has more than 200,000 square feet of meeting and convention facilities.

12. Caesars~ Atlantic City


Square feet: 145,100
Gaming machines: 3,027
Table and poker games: 163
Restaurants and bars: 11
Hotel rooms: 1,140

Caesars Atlantic City is the East Coast flagship of Harrah’s Entertainment, which acquired Caesars Entertainment, parent of famed Las Vegas casino-hotel Caesars Palace as well as Caesars Atlantic City, in 2005. Harrah’s now operates or manages casino resorts on four continents.

13. Starworld Hotel & Casino~ Macao, China

Starworld Hotel & Casino

Square feet: 140,000
Gaming machines: 500
Table and poker games: 284
Restaurants and bars: 7
Hotel rooms: 507

It may not be one of the larger resorts in Macao, but the Starworld doesn’t disappoint. The resort provides dazzling decor and superior services for its guests, which in part made it win the 5-Star Diamond Award granted by the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences in 2008.

14. The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino~ Las Vegas

The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino

Square feet: 120,000
Gaming info: 3,086
Table and poker games: 309
Restaurants and bars: 18
Hotel rooms: 4,027

Can’t make it to Italy? The Venetian Resort-Hotel-Casino, owned by Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands, offers States-side tourists the chance to ride gondolas on a quarter-mile recreation of the city’s Grand Canal. The hotel boasts more than 4,000 suites, an 85,000-square-foot ballroom and 19 restaurants. It has a Madame Tussaud’s wax museum and its theater is the Vegas home of the Blue Man Group.

15. Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino~ Paradise, Nev.

Rio All Suite Hotel & Casino

Square feet: 120,000
Gaming machines: 1,245
Table and poker games: 104
Restaurants and bars: 18
Hotel rooms: 2,500

Known as The Rio, this casino is located off the Las Vegas Strip in the unincorporated area of Paradise, Nev. It made a splash in 2008 by teaming up with a local gentlemen’s club to open what the Rio called a “European style” topless pool. Last month, however, the hotel announced it was suspending operation of the pool following a visit by local police.

16. Wynn, Las Vegas

The Wynn

Square feet: 110,000
Gaming machines: 1,900
Table and poker games: 167
Restaurants and bars: 22
Hotel rooms: 2,716

This $2.7 billion resort is the flagship property of billionaire Steve Wynn’s Wynn Resorts (WYNN). It features an 18-hole golf course (co-designed by Wynn himself) complete with a 37-foot waterfall next to the final hole. Wynn is in the midst of a divorce and he and his wife, Elaine, recently sold more than $200 million in company stock.

17. Wynn Macao~ Macao, China

Wynn Macao

Square feet: 100,000
Gaming machines: 1,270
Table and poker games: 390
Restaurants and bars: 6
Hotel rooms: 600

Following the decision by the local government to end the longtime monopoly of local tycoon Stanley Ho, Steve Wynn was the first to open a Vegas-style resort in the Chinese city. His Wynn Macao, opened in 2006, features a sound-and-light show on a “Performance Lake” containing 800,000 gallons of water. Armani, Boss, and Chanel are among the designers with shops in the Wynn’s arcade.

18. Resorts~ Atlantic City


Square feet: 100,000
Gaming machines: 2,500
Table and poker games: 95
Restaurants and bars: 8
Hotel rooms: 942

This casino and spa complex was the first to open in Atlantic City after New Jersey legalized casino gambling in 1978. However, Resorts has suffered from the economic downturn as well as from competition from Native American-owned casinos in the Northeast. In August, the hotel’s owner, Colony Capital, asked the state to approve the transfer of its stake to its lenders, including Credit Suisse (CS).

19. Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino~ Atlantic City

Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino

Square feet: 91,181
Gaming machines: 2,137
Table and poker games: 105
Restaurants and bars: 12
Hotel rooms: 728

This Trump-branded casino-hotel designed by architect Martin Stern opened in 1984, but The Donald lost control of it in 2005 when it emerged from a second stint in Chapter 11. Trump and his daughter Ivanka are now trying to retake control of the Plaza and two other Atlantic City hotels, vowing to pour money into an effort to spiff them up.

20. Gold Coast Hotel and Casino~ Las Vegas

Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

Square feet: 86,600
Gaming machines: 2,100
Table and poker games: 59
Restaurants and bars: 9
Hotel rooms: 711

Located one mile west of the Las Vegas Strip, this casino is owned and operated by Boyd Gaming, which also operates the Borgata in Atlantic City, among many other casinos. The Gold Coast was built in 1986 and had a major upgrade in 2002 that added more restaurants, gaming machines and tables, and parking spots.
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In Macau, Betting on a Poker Boom

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Giant Macao

In the casinos of Macao, the only city in China with legalized gambling, the most popular games have long been baccarat, blackjack, and roulette. Matt Savage wants to get Chinese betters focusing on straight flushes and full houses instead. Savage is director of the Asian Poker Tour, which recently completed a 12-day poker tournament for local and Western players at Macao’s StarWorld Hotel & Casino. He says poker is growing rapidly in the former Portuguese colony—albeit with a different atmosphere. “You see a lot more people jumping up and getting very excited, which you don’t see in the U.S. all the time,” says Savage. “It has become more exciting for the players to play here.”

Think of gambling, and Las Vegas comes first to mind. But recession has hurt America’s longtime casino hub: Revenues on the Strip dropped 15% in the first half of the year, following a record-setting 11% drop in 2008. Macao is hurting, too: For the first half of 2009, gaming revenues dropped 12%, to $6.5 billion. But big-name gaming companies like Las Vegas Sands (LVS) and Wynn (WYNN) are counting on Macao for growth. In 2008, the city’s casinos reported revenue of $16 billion, compared with $12 billion for Vegas and $5 billion for Atlantic City.

The Asian Poker Tournament, held this year on Aug. 12-23, is Asia’s biggest, attracting players as well as Internet qualifiers who join online. The majority of the 350 to 450 players in this pokerfest came from Hong Kong, Macao, mainland China, and other parts of Asia—as well as some from Europe and the U.S. According to the organizers, this year’s tournament attracted many more locals compared with a year ago. Eventually, the goal of the Asian Poker Tour is to expand across the region, says Savage. Poker “is really growing globally,” he says. “It’s an exciting time.”
Fast Expansion

What seems to be clear is that poker has a huge potential for growth in Asia. Tom Hall, executive vice-chairman and CEO of AsianLogic, the Hong Kong company that owns and operates the Asian tour, recalls how the expansion started in the Philippines and Korea and is now picking up in mainland China as well. “Three years ago there were no poker rooms in Macao,” says Hall, who points out that there are now 60 tables at three casinos: the Wynn and Lisboa as well as StarWorld.

During the latest 12-day festival of poker, professional players came to Macao from the U.S. for the first time. Among them was Guangzhou, China-born Johnny Chan, who became the first player to win 10 World Series of Poker titles. Another was J.C. Tran, a 32-year-old pro poker player from Sacramento who has already won more than $8 million during his career. According to Chan, the Asia tour is special because he gets to experience a different type of poker culture. “It’s not like a typical tournament in Las Vegas, where you are up against the pros and you know everyone,” says Chan. “These players are playing in a totally different way.”

The tournament wasn’t limited to the pros. Ciaran Carter, 29, is from Sarnia, Ont., and works for the Canadian government but loves poker so much that he spends up to eight hours a day playing online. Carter says the setting and organization of the Macao tournament was impressive. Even so, he adds as he sips some complimentary white wine given out by the organizers, he had expected to see a “bigger number of participants and more of the world’s top players.”

Poker may eventually become a new source of revenue for Macao’s casinos, but a stroll around the city’s main gambling halls during weekdays shows how some of these venues are struggling to keep their tables full and their slot machines humming. American-born Savage notes, however, that the economic crisis “hasn’t affected us nearly as bad as in other areas…. Even though the game has, in the U.S., maybe plateaued, around the globe it keeps expanding.”
Legal Barriers in Much of Asia

Along with Macao, another market with potential is the Philippines, where a new poker room opens almost monthly. The Asian Poker Tour’s first event of 2009 took place there in January with more than 260 participants from over 30 countries. Of the 27 money finishers, 12 were Asian.

The poker industry seems to recognize the potential for further growth, both for land-based as well as online poker operators. But significant entry barriers remain. One of the biggest: Online gaming is illegal in most Asian countries, making it difficult to show poker tournaments on TV to popularize the game. The Philippines, for instance, has become the fastest-growing poker nation in Asia with about 18 poker rooms around the country, thanks in part to TV broadcasts. In the U.S., televised poker “has led to a growth in poker in the casinos and play in the communities,” says Hall.

Language is another stumbling block. But Savage says he’s optimistic players in Asia can transcend the language barrier. “Poker is an international game,” he says. “People learn very early to say raise, bluff, and call.”
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Ibiza Spain

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Ibiza Spain

Ibiza is the third largest island in the Balearic archipelago, located in the Mediterranean Sea just about 40 miles from the east coast of mainland Spain. It is a top international tourist destination, boasting many fine beaches and a vibrant nightlife scene. You will also discover world-class dining, high-end boutique shopping, and large resorts and luxury hotels. The Port of Ibiza features an array of opulent yachts, lending to the city’s reputation as a vacation destination for the rich and famous. There are a wide variety of activities to enjoy, from scuba diving and snorkeling to boating and fishing.

Talamanca Beach is just one of the beautiful stretches of coastline that define the best of the Ibiza beaches. It is an expansive, curvy beach with a promenade, restaurants, bars, and all of the public facilities you need. Lifeguards are on duty and there is parking onsite. This is a hotel located near the old town portion of Ibiza. A boardwalk spans the length of the beach. Las Salinas can be reached in less than ten minutes from Ibiza town and is a must-see beach in the area. There are restaurants, bars, and boutiques, as well as a host of water sports and activities. It is a long and unspoiled beach with remote stretches that are ideal for a romantic walk. Las Salinas is located on the southernmost point of the island. Sa Caleta is another impressive beach. It is less than fifteen minutes from Ibiza town and is stunningly beautiful. The backdrop consists of steep, red mountains. The shallow water is perfect for families with small children.

If you can drag yourself off of these pristine beaches you will also find a world of activities around town, from our casinos, clubs and bars to cool cafes and trendy galleries. Ibiza is a wonderful, if pricey, vacation destination that offers the full resort experience. The authentic Mediterranean cuisine and fine wine is a perfect complement to the natural beauty of the island itself.

Casino De Ibiza

Casino de Ibiza

Located in the Paseo Marítimo-one of the best-known leisure areas in Ibiza- Casino de Ibiza is the best place to spend a different night.

    • American Roulette
    • Black Jack
    • Caribbean Poker
    • Punto Banco
    • Coming soon….. Texas Hold’em Poker
      • Sit&Go’s: Tuesdays and Fridays from 10.00 pm
      • Private gaming rooms. Bar and Snacks
    • Schedule from June to October: Open daily from 6.00 pm to 5.00 am
    • Schedule from November to May: Open daily from 6.00 pm to 4.00 am
    • Slots, Videopoker, Keno, Bingo, Pick a Game (5 different games)
      • Pick a Game : 26.000 €
      • Reels Royce: 40.000 €
    • Bar and Snacks
    • Schedule from June to October: Open daily from 6.00 pm to 6.00 am
    • Schedule from November to May: Open daily from 5.00 pm to 5.00 am




The clubs of Ibiza start to become famous worldwide. Although due to neighbors complaints the authorities oblige them to cover the dance-floors, which had traditionally functioned in the open air. Nevertheless Amnesias expansion is unstoppable. From four bars it grows to sixteen, from thirty employees to more than two hundred in mid summer. These include waiters, spectacular go-go dancers’, security, light-jockeys and office workers amongst others.


In 1999 the UN claims Ibiza cultural heritage. The island reaches one hundred thousand habitants and the label Amnesia extends from magazines to records, cloths’etc. Its fame grows like its foam, that foam that names one of its most important performances. Today in the 21st century who hasn’t heard of parties like ‘Cocoon Club’, ‘La Troya Asesina’ or ‘Cream’? Disc-jockeys like Sven Väth, Paul Van Dyk, Dj Tiësto, Danny Tenaglia, Laurent Garnier or Carl Cox are just some of the legendary stars to have passed through the dj booth.

One of the secrets to its success lies in the quality of its sound. Today the discotheque has one of the most advanced sound systems (Expanded Amnesia Technology) due to the dynamic electronic process. Its function is to analyze and submit frequencies that provoke the human body to feel sensations that compare to having a sound massage’ enjoy it!

Amnesia Light Show

From 2006 til date, Amnesia has been awarded for 3 consecutive years the prestigious BEST GLOBAL CLUB award in the Winter Music Conference which is held every year in Miami during the last week of March.


In 2009 Amnesia installed a system of 24 color lasers with the latest technology controllable like a robot. 23 lasers are 1 Watt RGB and there is one high power RGBY Matrix. The combination results in a spectacle unimaginable.


Currently Amnesia is about to begin to open franchises in four key destinations, these franchises must meet strict requirements to guarantee to be as similar as possible to the original club of Ibiza.

Always Beautiful People Partying In Amnesia

There is no doubt that Ibiza is the capital city of fun. Here you will find the very best nightlife and the best clubs and DJs from all over the world. The island bars and discos offer more than just music. They also put on incredible and fun audiovisual spectacles which are advertised in the streets around the port of Ibiza. In consequence, it is not unusual to find celebrities soaking up the atmosphere on the terrace bars and in the discos on the island.
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Atlantis Bahamas Casinos & Island Fun

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Atlanta 7

Atlantis is not only one of the finest resorts in the Caribbean, but in the world, and the casino is one of the reasons for this fame. It’s casino is nothing short of breath-taking. From the Dale Chihuly glass sculptures, of the ancient Atlantis-theme, going to the casino is a sure bet for a winning time!

This four-star resort is located on 14 acres of gorgeous property that opens out onto a stretch of sparkling white-sand beach and has a 30,000-square-foot casino on site. With its Lost Continent of Atlantis theme, this resort/casino Atlantis is a sprawling water-world that attracts thousands of guests each year. This casino features one of the largest restaurant and bar areas in both the Bahamas and the Caribbean, as well as an expansive selection of gaming activities that include more than 1,100 slot machines, craps and Caribbean stud poker tables. The slot machines are open 24 hours a day.


Crystal Palace

The Crystal Palace Casino offers you a 30,000 sq. ft. area where you can experience all the exciting action with the same limits found in Las Vegas in the warmth, charm and beauty of The Bahamas. Crystal Palace Casino features over 400 state-of-the-art slot machines including popular titles like Wheel of Fortune, Monte Carlo and other games from IGT, WMS, Bally’s and more. Plus, for your convenience and pleasure, we now feature multi-line games with denomination ranging from 1 to $100, and ticket in / ticket out to keep you in the action even longer.

Enjoy live gaming with our nearly 40 liberal table games including, Blackjack and Let-It Ride; as well as Roulette, Baccarat and Craps. Play all the games that are available at other major casinos in the United States in the comfort and beauty of The Bahamas!

Nassau Paradise Island

For a true Bahamian experience, relax. On our island, life is easy. English is spoken, and American dollars are on par with Bahamian dollars. In this section you’ll find other practical, good-to-know-before-you-go information, which leaves you plenty of time to read about our culture and the Arawak Indians, Spanish invaders, pirates, British Colonialists, West Africans and local folk who’ve all been part of our interesting history. Learn a little about being Bahamian & get excited about your trip –

Island Of Songs

All through The Islands of The Bahamas, music is woven deeply into the fabric of daily life, so much so that one of the nicknames given to our archipelago is the Islands of Song. Musical traditions here reflect both the impact of history on the islands and a homegrown, distinctively national character.

Blues and spirituals made their way down from the American South and took on a Bahamian flavor – in breezy shoreside church choirs where “rhyming spirituals” are sung, and on homemade guitars in the hands of virtuoso performers like the legendary Joseph Spence and his contemporary Israel Forbes.

Island Of Songs

Junkanoo, goombay and rake ‘n’ scrape all incorporate the hand clapping and drum rhythms of West African dance music. Goombay is a secular Bahamian tradition, danceable music full of stories about love and other daily dramas. Rake ‘n’ scrape bands are purely instrumental – a carpenter’s saw, a goatskin drum and an accordion are all traditional rake ‘n’ scrape instruments. And the “gran’ dance” of Junkanoo is, of course, the heart of our annual national celebration. Competing dance groups (called “shacks”), like the Valley Boys, the Music Makers and the Saxons Superstars, spend all year creating fanciful costumes and practicing elaborate routines. If you can’t be here for the Christmastime festival, a number of nightspots feature Junkanoo performances, or you could join one of the “shacks” for a practice – participants are welcome.
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Sun City South Africa Casino & Safaris Game Reserves

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It’s always tempting to try one’s luck at the casino – the intoxicating sound of the jingling slot machines, the flashing lights, and the promise of big winnings to those successful in flirting with Lady Luck.

Sun City, South Africa’s premier holiday resort, offers 2 casino areas open daily.

The Jungle Casino in the Entertainment Center, has over 250 slot machines, while the Sun City Hotel Casino has over 330 slot machines in both smoking and non-smoking venues.

The casino at the Sun City Hotel also offers black jack, American roulette, poker, and punto banco. The Salon Prive has higher stakes, while the International Room is reserved for games with very high limits.

Sun City’s casinos function on a smartcard cashless system and have a Bureau de Change which accepts all major currencies. A passport is required for foreign exchange transactions.

Not too sure where to begin? First-timers needn’t be intimidated. The Sun City School of Gaming provides all the insights into the etiquette and skills of gambling.

Sun City, unique in the context of world resorts, with a combination of features unmatched anywhere, draws thousands of visitors each year to its four top-quality hotels, a Vacation Club plus magnificent sporting and recreational facilities including 2 world class golf courses, and the magical Lost City water-park, The Valley of Waves. Only 187 km from Johannesburg, the resort, situated in the bushveld of South Africa‘s North West province, is surrounded by the imposing mountains of the Pilanesberg. The wide choice of conference venues ensure a level of convention and banqueting facilities which few can beat.

The malaria-free Pilanesberg National Game Park is home to South Africa’s Big 5 – Elephant, Rhino, Lion, Leopard and Buffalo.

Sun City Resort is an environmentally friendly destination and has been awarded Gold classification from the Heritage Programme for its commitment to the principles of sustainable and responsible environmental practice.  In addition to this, Sun City Resort was awarded the 2007 Overall Imvelo Responsible Tourism Award in South Africa.  Imvelo, meaning “nature” in Nguni, forms part of an ongoing hospitality industry campaign to encourage industry members to accept voluntary guidelines by promoting responsible tourism.

The resort is an extended wildlife area where Vervet Monkeys and Chacma Baboons can still roam freely.  They should therefore be acknowledged and treated as wild animals.  Should they be fed, they will lose their natural fear of humans and become aggressive and dangerous.  Guests are requested to assist the resort in following the easy guidelines below:

  • Do not feed or tease the monkeys and baboons.
  • Keep all doors and windows locked when vacating your room.


Sun City Safaris- Madikwe Game Reserve

Sun City- Pilansberg Reserve

Madikwe Game Reserve is only an hour and a half drive from Sun City and is one of South Africa’s largest game reserves. The reserve is fast becomming one of the country’s prime safari destinations.

Madikwe is a region dominated by Kalahari thornveld and is punctuated by rugged hills and seasonally flooded pans.

However, if a guided Africa safari is what you’re after, there are a number of private game lodges that offer guided game drives in the company of knowledgeable rangers.

Madikwe lies outside the Southern African malaria belt, making it an ideal family safari destination.

Since the reserve was proclaimed in 1991, its 75 000 hectares have been restocked with animals indigenous to the area. Species introduced here include all of the Big 5, cheetah, spotted hyena, giraffe, hippo, zebra and a wide variety of antelope and other herbivores.

A Madikwe safari is the perfect add on to a SunCity holiday.

Sun City Safaris – Pilansberg Game Reserve


Sun City Safaris-Pilansberg Game Reserve

Situated just outside Sun City, the Pilanesberg Game Reserve encompasses 55 000 hectares of pristine South African wilderness.

The Pilanesberg Game Reserve is third largest reserve in South Africa and has the added bonus of being malaria-free which makes it an ideal family safari destination.

Visitors can choose to explore the reserve on a self-drive adventure – there are over 200km of excellent roads – or to experience a guided game drive at one of the many luxury lodges within the reserve.

The Pilanesberg Reserve boasts prolific wildlife, including the Big 5, varied habitats and wide open landscapes. Other species likely to be seen here include hippo,zebra, giraffe, crocodile, cheetah, hyena and a variety of antelope.

One of the most memorable to ways to see the wildlife in the Pilanesberg is on a balloon safari over this spectacular landscape.

While many guests at SunCity Africa visit the reserve on a day safari, a few days spent exploring this wilderness is a great add on to a Sun City holiday.
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Top 10 Casinos In The World (10) Cairo Marriott Hotel Omar Khayyam

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Cairo Marriott Hotel Omar Khayyam

An Egyptian casino named after an eleventh-century Persian poet … why not? Omar Khayyam is famous for immortalizing life’s pleasures: “A jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thou.” Enhance these essentials with an exclusive gaming establishment reminiscent of an old-fashioned men’s club and day trips to the Pyramids of Giza, and you have Cairo’s most well-rounded luxury holiday. Anchored by a guest palace built in the 1860s, this Marriott gracefully blends old and new, melding its historic building with two modern towers to offer more than 1,000 guest rooms and suites, fifteen restaurants and six acres of palace gardens, all on an island in the middle of the Nile.
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